About Us

We started Prepared Family after experiencing two back-to-back hurricanes — Laura and Delta — in the summer and fall of 2020. 

As residents of south Louisiana, although we experienced minimal damage and disruption of our lives, we saw first-hand the devastation suffered by others, including family and friends, many of whom were completely unprepared for the storms' aftermath. 

We made it our mission to equip families, not only in south Louisiana but across the U.S., with the necessary information, emergency kits, and survival supplies to help them prepare for whatever disaster may strike — and disaster will strike! 

We are not doomsday preppers or survivalists but regular folks who found ourselves similarly unprepared for the hurricanes. 

Prepared Family is a labor of love born out of concern for our family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who wants to prepare for what may come. 

Paul and Amie Chaney
Prepared Family